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IVD Online is a shopper marketing research tool, which allows 3D interactive virtual category based research


Speed, the tool allows for instant results
Low startup and execution costs
Can be used in online panels
Category based research
Flexibility, changes in pricing, products or layout can be applied easily

Research Applications

Product Packaging
New product Testing
Shelf Organization
Product Placing

How it works

No plug-in needed (Html 5 and Adobe Flash based platform)
Unique category layout fully recreated in a generic store setup
Different store setups available (hyper market, super market, convenience store, discount store, mom and pop store
Path from the store entry to the aisle is simulated by seamless animation
Look and feel of the category adjusted to the specific store layout
Products can be visualized in 2d or 3d (optional)
Products can be rotated in 3d (depending on browser)
Mouse tracking analysis allows area-of-interest analysis
VR environment compatible with any Panel service


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